Multimedia Presentation

This post is just to let you all (Eleri) know that I was unable to upload my multimedia presentation video to Vimeo. And therefore, I have been unable to embed my presentation video on my blog. Apparently the firewall at uni will still not let students upload to Vimeo (the tech guys said they were working to fix this problem) and I was unable to upload the video at home as my home internet firewall settings will not allow uploads of this file size.

Sorry, but I did try, my video can be viewed from the server at university and I hope that you read this so that you know where to find it!
Thanks again for a great semester.


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Bolts of lightning, not so frightening

I have chosen to examine the blog of Australian newspaper columnist and radio commentator, Andrew Bolt. Not for fun, but for assessment purposes. And I guess also for personal development and to better my sense of smartness and self.

Bolt is a columnist and associate editor of the Herald-Sun and also writes for Brissie’s Sunday Mail. Bolt started his blog in 2005 and it is considered by some to be a pioneer of this interactive form of journalism. Despite the low-budget format of the blog, Bolt’s blog is widely read and hugely popular. In July 2008, his blog registered one million hits for the month of July 2008 and more than 2 million page impressions from over 300,000 viewers in November of 2009.

Bolt does reply to some comments (not many thought) and his responses are usually brief and explanatory or rhetorical (in order to spur on debate). His blog covers a range of topics. I have read some on the areas of climate change, Australian politics, multiculturalism and Islam, the ABC and general media industry happenings.

These topics are highly controversial ones though, and although the comments section on the blog is open, comments are moderated by Bolt and no defamation or swearing is present in any of the comments I read on the blog. Bolt has previously said that he opposes abusive comments and trolling but supports healthy debate and opposition of opinion in relation to his blog.

Despite his usually conservative posts, Bolt also strikes me as the sort of person who won’t let the truth stand in the way of an insult. His posts, which are usually on controversial subjects but not controversial in themselves, are sometimes rather sharp edged and I can certainly see why so many people comment on his blog.

Click here to have a read for yourself…

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Skipping Girl Vinegar

I sure do like food. I like it a whole lot.

And I sure do like music a whole lot too.

And now with the happy discovery of Skipping Girl Vinegar I am able to enjoy both of my loves at once, which makes me extremely happy and hopefully it will make you equally as happy!

Here is a band that not only make pretty amazing music, but they also make baked goodie for their fans! Talk about love! They have certainly earned my love, through both my stomach and my ears.

In case you haven’t heard of SGV,the Melbournian five piece have become a very well-known band over the last four years. The group consists of brother/sister duo Mark and Sare Lang and their childhood friends Chris Helm, Amanthi Lynch and Kelly Lane. Their debut single One Chance was an Australian iTunes “Single of the Week” and was played by triple j and other alternative radio stations nationwide. The animated video clip to One Chance became very popular, with Rage featuring it as its first ever “indie clip of the week”. SGV were also listed in Triple J’s Oz Music month as a “next crop” artist. Despite being offered some seriously serious label offers, the group decided to stick with their plans to independently record and release their debut album Sift The Noise, which they put out on Sep 13 in 2008 under their very own label Secret Fox.

The real news of this post however (and in poor journalistic fashion I have placed the most newsworthy point at the end of my piece) is that SGV are soon to release their follow-up album to their most wonderful debut, Sift The Noise. It’s going to be called Keep Calm, Carry The Monkey, and just quietly, it is rather wow. The album was recorded in a beachside shack using instruments they found in a skip. But you’d never guess from the acoustic pop sensation that is SGV! The album will be released on May 7th and the band will tour Australia extensively in June/July to spread their new music and hopefully some of their cupcakes too!

Click here for all of the dates and venues.

In case you’re wondering what SGV look like when they stand in front of a cartoon landscape, here’s a picture:

And here is their animated clip for their debut single One Chance:

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May I?

May 1st!

May I please make your first day of dearest May just a little bit more wonderful with the following fabulous things?


May I introduce Foster the People? You should listen to the songs Pumped Up Kicks, Houdini and the one below called Helena Beat, while you try to forget about how much chocolate you ate over the easter break.

S E W   P R E T T Y

If you are depressed to be back at work or uni after such a delightfully long weekend then this print from Genevieve Dionne will hopefully have you smiling again soon, as will this Almost Done To Do List note set from A Quick Study. If only my own to-do lists were this efficient and pretty!

Also, for something super-cute, have a look-see at this knit art by Thomas C. Chung. After I stumbled across it I found myself craving woollen eggs on toast.

S A Y    W H A T !

A great discovery I made over the easter break was Dear Blank Please Blank. If you feel the need to vent or pen an angry/excited/emotional note to someone or something then visit the site and get it all out of your system!


Once you have said what you have to say over at Dear Blank, head on over to Cute Boys with Cats. It is exactly what you would expect, the name says it all. Impossibly fluffy and cute little animals and pretty pretty boys.

High-five of the week goes to Baku, an amazing Japanese artist who is the creator of Ribbonesia. 3D ANIMAL SCULPTURES! HOO-RAH!

I vote there be more miniature sculptures of seals.

P I C T U R E    I T

I am also rather fond of these picture by Brooke Chandra. Maybe you will love them too.


May I also introduce to you Tenspeed and Brownshoes – a place where lovers of quality vintage threads can find fabulous fashion pieces from bygone eras. The facebook shop is the brain-child of long time vintage collector Rachel Wakefield and is brand new! The site and range offers an eclectic mix of vintage pieces and heirloom collectables at pocket friendly prices!

Y U M    Y U M

Although you may have all over indulged over Easter, I hope you still have room for fish. Not the Good Friday sort, but more the cheesy wholewheat goldfish cracker sort! You can make them, go to Smitten Kitchen.

Anyway I hope that all these things help you to recover from your long long longgggg weekends and help you to forget about your chocolate-sins.

Enjoy x

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Are your settings on private?

Mine are not.

Not for Facebook, not for Twitter.

But after recent discussions in our online news tutorial, I am starting to think I should up the anti and change my privacy settings.

Whilst privacy measures are provided on most social networking sites, at the end of the day it is the user’s prerogative to apply such settings when providing personal information or images of themselves on the internet.

The issue of online privacy is something I had not put much thought into previously. But when posed with the hypothetical of a future boss googling my name and discovering angry twittering or silly videos involving tiger hats and venga boys music I shudder inwardly and pause mid-tweet to rethink what I might be about to type and regret.

twitter identity

Image from:

Twitter. Not at all confusing.

Image from:

My Twitter account is not actually the problem. I only became a tweet-freak in order to pass my Advanced Broadcast Journalism unit because believe it or not as a young University of Canberra journalism student I am being  assessed on my tweeting frequency, content and skill. This twitter-enforcement has if anything led to a resentment towards twitter and a hate for the speed and accuracy with which it serves as a news source for thousands of people. But because I am being marked on my tweeting, my account is purely professional and is only about my ABJ assessment. My sincere apologies to anyone who is following me ( and has thus far found my tweeting to be dull and academic. I hope that you now understand my twitterful plight.

My Facebook account is a different matter entirely. I do not have seperate accounts for personal and professional use and until now I had not considered this to be of any great concern. However I was recently posed with a problem in which personal and professional interest met, and I was confused as to what I should do. A new employee at my workplace, whom I had only met a few times and spoken to perhaps once, sent me a friend request on Facebook. As I did not know said person any better than the window-washer in civic I refused the request. The person then sent their request through again. Whilst persistent, I did not consider this to be a quality deserving of my online friendship and so I ignored the request once more. Upon next seeing my new colleague at work, they questioned me as to why we were not Facebook friends. I won’t lie, it was extremely awkward. And as I am slightly incompetent at dealing with awkward social situations I lied. I cannot remember the exact lie, it may have involved a broken computer, account hacking, a severe nosebleed or a combination of all three. The point is, I ignored the request because I did not want my personal and professional worlds to meet. And as I intend to keep it that way, I am going to be changing my Facebook settings to private as soon as I finish this post.

Whilst it may seem over the top or unnecessary, if denying friend requests from workmates and untagging myself in photos means that I get that future job when my future boss googles my name, then I’d say it’s definately worth it in the long run.

Futuristic Privacy Measures.

Also I would like to note that if you feel the need to google my name after reading this, I am not songwriter, singer and actor Ashley Hamilton born September 30 1974, son of actor George Hamilton and Alana Stewart and stepson of Rod Stewart, who has had five failed marriages and much unsavoury media attention.

I laughed. So should you. But whatever you do, don't tweet about it.

Image from:

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Well well, another week another blog…

During my weekly procrastination/internet-exploration I happen to have stumbled across this special site which is exciting because of its photos, interviews, online store recommendations and vintage icon references. So please, take action and click HERE to read the inspirational-ness from Hannah and Landon, (Hannah as in Hannah Metz as in the girl behind The Loved One aka vintage consulting). Metz has also recently launched a lingerie label in a pretty cool way, pairing up her pieces with some great photographs…

Also for some visuals watch this video by Stefan Ruiz. He has done some amazing photography, and this short doco explores his processes and works (and is multimedia project related!).

In other news of the world: Finders Keepers is happening soon in Sydney and Brisbane. Applications close oh so soon so get cracking if you are a Sydneysider or Brisbanite who wants to start a stall! (Tried to add a link for you, but had technological setbacks, so go and google it yourself oh lazy one).

And although this blog does not usually delve into interior design, I believe that if you like decorative delights then you should visit The Brick House.

Oh two more fun things:

A winter wish list of sorts, compiled by someone who shares not only my taste in trenchcoats but also in names (Ashley Ording).


A song which, having recently watched the sad but greatly clever 500 days of summer, is very much stuck in my head, and therefore should also be stuck in yours too!

Enjoy these treats and this delightful Friday!

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pitch progress

Come in Blogging Skills.

Post on progress of multimedia project is required stat.

Copy that.

My multimedia project is well-underway, with recording of audio already taking place. Over the weekend I caught up with eight dancers aged fourteen to seventeen who are part of QL2 and the youth dance scene. The interviewing process went smoothly and I gained some fantastic audio and some interesting insights into the world of young dancers.

Tomorrow I will meet with QL2’s Director Ruth Osbourne to talk about boys in dance and gain her professional opinions on this topic.

I am also hoping to attend a company class or rehearsal later this week and record some background audio (I.e. footsteps, counting, clapping, breathing, running) and take some still images of the studio and close ups of faces, hands, feet etc. I will also try to book a camera so that I can film some footage which I would love to use in slow motion along with overlayed voices.

In terms of multimedia slideshow elements, I am loving the idea of using voices as narrative rather than having a direct narrative from a journalists perspective.

I would like to use minimal music combined with background audio and sound effects to convey a sense of time and place and atmosphere.

I dislike the use of overly dramatic music and statistical text that I have seen in some presentations so far, and also am leaning away from the idea of a lot of text movement as I think stationary text may be easier to read thus making the information or point in question easier for the viewer to absorb and understand.

I love the concept of black and white stills, perhaps with colour video (?). So I will probably run with a black and white colour scheme throughout the piece.

Tomorrow I will follow up this post with another post featuring some links to audio slideshows that I really like and am using elements of for my multimedia project.

Over and out.

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